Wayne nelson corliss sex offender

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Corliss also admitted to sexually abusing children in in Thailand for the purpose of photographing and videotaping the activity. After receiving the pictures from Norwegian police, Interpol's child exploitation unit at its headquarters in the French city of Lyon circulated the images to its global network of experts to try and identify the suspect. He pleaded guilty last October to five counts that included distribution and possession of child pornography and traveling to foreign countries to engage in illegal sexual activity. The public likes being asked. He is accused of sexually abusing southeast Asian boys.

Wayne nelson corliss sex offender

Corliss, who had spoken sparingly in a handful of previous court hearings, pleaded with Greenaway for "a fair sentence, not a death sentence. John Wrenshall, a Canadian citizen and resident of Thailand who allegedly arranged for the trysts, and Mitchell Jackson and Burgess Lee Burgess, both of Alabama, who allegedly traveled with Corliss and also assaulted young boys. Corliss, a Union City resident, said he traveled to Thailand three times between and and had sex with a 6-year old and a 9-year old. According to prosecutors, Corliss, 58, described his sexual encounters with three prepubescent Thai boys as a "euphoric" experience. Immigration and Customs enforcement and charged with producing child pornography. Prosecutors said further charges were likely to be added. They produce the goods. Burgess and Jackson have been indicted and are awaiting trial. Corliss, law enforcement around the globe has the ability to locate you, prosecute you and send you to federal prison for a very long time," Christie said. During an investigation of another alleged pedophile, authorities discovered images of Corliss on that suspect's computer. Determining the locale potentially requires a global search. It is only the second time such an international public appeal has been made. The lightning effectiveness of the tactic raises the question: Wayne Nelson Corliss - Molests boys in Thailand and plays Santa Claus in New Jersey "This individual engaged in among the most depraved conduct imaginable with helpless children" A New Jersey actor who also played Santa Claus at children's parties and fairs admitted today that he traveled to Thailand to have sex with young boys and videotaped at least one tryst that was later circulated on the Internet. Christopher Paul Neil, a teacher, was seized in northeast Thailand on October 19 following a worldwide Interpol campaign to track down a man pictured in Internet photos abusing Asian boys. In each instance, he admitted, he traveled with the intent to sexually abuse children, paid for unfettered access to children, brought items to facilitate their sexual abuse and actually sexually abused children. But he says eliciting leads from civilians is a "new front in the war" against sexual predators , one that he expects will continue to be effective because of a collective empathy for the well-being of children. Parents find him enormously entertaining. Corliss pleaded guilty on Oct. After receiving the pictures from Norwegian police, Interpol's child exploitation unit at its headquarters in the French city of Lyon circulated the images to its global network of experts to try and identify the suspect. The photographs were believed to have been taken in and Thai and Cambodian police were on high alert after the search was launched. He characterized the case as the most disturbing he has come across in 25 years in the criminal justice system. Corliss said he was invited to Thailand by another pedophile he met in through an Internet chatroom called "Boy Love and Chat? That image clashed with the one presented in court Monday, in which Assistant U.

Wayne nelson corliss sex offender

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  1. He will be required to register as a sex offender. He kept this part of his life completely locked away.

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