Weaver stance

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The support hand is brought to the grip with the support arm bent. Use a strong grip! Though in many firearm related professions the Isosceles Shooting Stance has been favored over the Weaver, it still remains a popular technique among many shooters. The drawback of the Isosceles is that it doesn't control recoil as well as other methods and isn't the most inherently stable front-to-back. Harder for cross-dominant shooters eg right hand dominant and left eye dominant since the two are now no longer matched up.

Weaver stance

The Isosceles is fairly intuitive and thus easy to learn. Competitive shooters like Brian Enos and Robbie Leatham have had great success with this stance in their matches, so there's definitely a lot of merit to it. The second component is the positioning of the feet in a boxing stance, with the non-shooting side foot ahead of the shooting side foot. The others are a large-caliber handgun, the flash sight picture, and the compressed surprise break. To shoot in Isosceles, the arms are extended with the pistol held with both hands at or near the centerline of the body. For example, the Gunsite instructor above would have a harder time rotating to his left. The Weaver technique was dubbed the "Weaver Stance" by gun writer and firearms instructor Jeff Cooper. Unlike the traditional Isosceles, one foot is placed further ahead than the other, but only just, with the knees slightly bent. You can choose based on what comes more naturally to you, if you want to compete in shooting sports later, or if you have eye dominance issues. Configuration Same as Weaver above except the shooting arm is fully extended, almost like a rifle stock. County Sheriff's Mira Loma pistol range. Additional Learning For a lot of gun stuff…videos are the best learning tool. This technique has many variations including stances with the support hand carrying a flashlight, knife, baton or other item. Unlike the Isosceles, however, the Weaver can be employed with a long gun as well as a pistol. While the Weaver does confer advantages, it isn't perfect. In this position, pivoting and other movements are much easier and it can be employed much more readily by cross-eye dominant shooters. The Weaver works by using opposing forces to control recoil and combat-ready foot position which gives the shooter the ability to rapidly transition from target to target. Weaver used it to great effect hence the adoption. Natural stance if you need to balance yourself. Description[ edit ] The Weaver stance has two main components. Better recoil management since the firing arm is fully extended Better for crossed-eye dominant shooters since by having a cheek-weld, the opposite eye is more in line with the firearm Cons of Chapman Stance All of the Weaver Stance minus cross-dominant shooting Might strain the neck muscles Verdict of the Best Stance Another of my standard answers…it depends on what you like best and your application. Each is good to know in and of itself, but none of them are the be-all, end-all; they're tools; each with a specific purpose. At the time, Weaver was competing in Jeff Cooper's " Leatherslap " matches: When Cooper started the American Pistol Institute firearms training school, now the Gunsite Training Center , in , his modern technique of the pistol was built around a somewhat formalized "Classic Weaver Stance". The drawback of the Isosceles is that it doesn't control recoil as well as other methods and isn't the most inherently stable front-to-back. The trailing leg also steadies the shooter, further buttressing against the recoil force. The support hand is brought to the grip with the support arm bent.

Weaver stance

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  1. For a quick refresher, an Isosceles triangle has two sides of equal length. Use a strong grip!

  2. That said, a number of police studies have found that officers that have been taught other stances when facing a threat naturally revert to Isosceles under stress due to its intuitive nature.

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