What does tantric sex feel like

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We were barely moving. It's funny that a comment Sting made over 20 years ago [about tantric sex] still has an enduring hold on the public's imagination. You were on top of me. How did he get it wrong?

What does tantric sex feel like

Tantric sex is a merging of body, heart, mind and spirit. I could barely hold myself up. You went deeper still. Soooooo much energy surging through my entire body! Then she can choose to allow herself to surrender and receive the man from this place of infinite love. We begin with the physical, explore the emotional and set the stage for the Divine. You traced so lightly down my side, so gently, so delicately, so lovingly and attentively, over my tattoo. Regular experiences of bliss allow us to approach life with gratitude and enthusiasm, motivated by love. Breathing on my neck. Completion comes in its own good time, with feelings of nurture, renewal and expansive love In the Tantric sex experience, there is no goal of orgasm, no tensing or pushing for release. I knew you had me. Honouring their partner as a goddess, touching her with love and confidence, men also learn to take sexual energy through their hearts and so begin to make love as well as have sex. He's tried to explain it away or recant it in various ways. Well, that's where pop culture's led us a little bit astray. A mix of screaming, crying, moaning, the earth was making love with the stars and the moon and alllllll the planets, and they were talking through me and moving through me and expressing through me. It's certainly got nothing to do with bragging about staying power. I was being fucked open to God. As humans we are unique in being able to experience sex at this level. What the fuck is this?! I was in ecstasy. Letting go of trying to force orgasmic pleasure allows orgasm to happen naturally and spontaneously. Introducing Tantra is also a sure fire way of removing boredom in the bedroom …. You were penetrating my heart. The good news is that tantric sex gets better as we get older, as we are often more comfortable with our bodies and there is more of who we are to share! This is a great motivation to dissolve barriers to intimacy. Feeling I was nearly going to cry. The mind is still, focussed on the body and your partner.

What does tantric sex feel like

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  1. It felt like a secret and sacred erotic message you were passing to me. Tantric Tips to Deepen Intimacy and Heighten Pleasure , who opened us up to the real workings of tantra — and how everyone can use tantric techniques to take their sex lives to the next level.

  2. Is sex for you… Wild and juicy? I cried for the beauty, and I cried for all those years I have not seen myself like that.

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