What is matchmaking prime

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The next opportunity to switch Prime status to a different account will only become available in six months. GO; - Even time you spent playing other games in your Steam account influences the Trust Factor score. This will remove Prime Account Matchmaking from the original account the phone number was associated with.

What is matchmaking prime

To get in on the action, you need to have a mobile phone number linked to your Steam account. You can reassign the Prime status to another account linked to the same phone number within three days. After upgrading your account, you have three days to switch your phone number to a different account. Here is everything you need to know about the experiment before you join in. Steam will send an SMS message containing your confirmation code - Enter this code to verify. Get out there and have fun! How to join local CS: Prime accounts were introduced by Valve as an experiment aimed at figuring out whether gamers will compete better against similar gamers who have prime accounts though. Alternatively, you can open the CS: GO yet and if not, why? More information can be found here: All you need to do is, according to Valve, to be a positive member of the CS: This removes Prime Matchmaking from their CS: In case a cheater is imposed a VAC ban and uses a Prime account, the cheater number will be blocked for a certain period 1-month minimum. GO account using the same phone number. Enabling it on your account allows you to avoid other players with new accounts and with VAC bans if they registered their number to an older account with a ban, even if it was not a CS: Can I upgrade more than one account with the same phone number? No, you may only upgrade one CS: To remove Prime Matchmaking from an account players must remove the current phone number associated with their Steam account. If your Steam phone number does not qualify, you'll be notified when you click the Upgrade button. The hope is that there will be less cheaters and smurfs skilled players who create low level accounts to get matched against new players because it takes a lot of extra effort; they will need to have access to multiple mobile phone numbers to plague Prime Account Matchmaking. GO profile menu, near the Prime Account Matchmaking string. If you do switch your phone number to a different CS: It is also not possible to look at your personal Trust Factor score, similarly to Matchmaking Elo. GO account with a qualifying phone number. Yes, after upgrading a CS: If enough players do not sign up for the experiment, Valve will not run it.

What is matchmaking prime

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