Why girls bleed first ttime they have sex

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And they shall spread the cloth before the elders of the city. Some women are even born without hymens or with hymens whose appearance is such that you can't tell there's one there at all. And the elders of that city shall take that man and chastise him; and they shall amerce him in an hundred shekels of silver, and give them unto the father of the damsel, because he hath brought up an evil name upon a virgin of Israel:

Why girls bleed first ttime they have sex

Based on what we know from medicine, and what sex educators know from talking to people about this, the first three situations are the most common causes of vaginal bleeding, not the last. Because this tissue wears away over time, the younger a woman or girl is when she has intercourse the more likely it is that there's more of the corona to wear away, and the more likely it is there will be some bleeding. The idea that women needed to prove a male partner or spouse got what they paid for through most of history, marriage involved financial exchanges and benefits when they married a virgin was the norm for most of history in many cultures, most certainly including Western culture. Trouble is -- well, there's quite a lot of trouble with that, obviously, but let's just address the bloody matter at hand -- that idea was, and still is, massively flawed. To understand why people think the way they do about this, it's helpful to consider history. The same is true today. It should be something that you only choose to do when a given relationship feels ready for it, including you and a partner having engaged in other kinds of sex or masturbation together before so that you both have a good idea of when you are and are not aroused, what gets you there, and have developed some skills and comfort openly and honestly communicating about sex together, which certainly includes speaking up if something hurts or doesn't feel good, not just quietly suffering in silence or pretending sex feels good when it doesn't. If those openings didn't happen, that flow and other vaginal discharges would get trapped inside. Here are some more links relevant to this topic for you: In either case, that doesn't tell us, all by itself, anything about you, your value as a person, the state of your virginity or your sexual experience. The "tokens" they're talking about are something like a sheet or wedding garment with a bloodstain, to "prove" she was, indeed, a virgin. The idea that "breaking in" or "deflowering" a woman was about male power and prowess, same deal. Ideally, it should start by being something you or any other woman, as well as her partner very much want and feel ready for and comfortable with as a whole. So, plenty of women through history wound up not bleeding at all, absolutely including women who truly had not had any kind of sexual partnership before that time. In other words, for many women in history, proving to be a virgin through blood could literally save their lives. For most people with coronas, in childhood, very small openings to that membrane start to form and get larger over time, which is why year-old girls can have menstrual flow, even if they never had any kind of sex. The corona hymen isn't actually a "seal" at all for most people who have one. Some of this was based in ignorance, and some in seriously hardcore sexism and viewing women, and our bodies, as property. Some people who have bleeding will only lightly spot for a few hours, others will have near- period level bleeding for a day or two, some more or for even longer. So, I'm going to dig in here. For the most part, just like bleeding from any other part of your body, bleeding that comes with or follows intercourse or any other kind of sex is due to an injury. Consider that in our modern day, for as much as you hear adults talking about how young people having sex in their teens and twenties are, many women in history, and in some places still, had first intercourse and marriage at even younger ages than now. The same people also often think first-time intercourse usually or always will be -- or even should be -- painful. What we can't know just by looking -- the paternity tests we have now weren't invented until the 's -- is who someone's father is. But if this thing be true, and the tokens of virginity be not found for the damsel:

Why girls bleed first ttime they have sex

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  1. In a few different ways: The corona hymen isn't actually a "seal" at all for most people who have one.

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