Wiccan website

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I have read and accept the privacy policy. UK This site it so amazing and very helpful and I just wanted to thank you so much for it. Canada I find myself reading your site everyday and learning something new and enlightening each time.

Wiccan website

We support efforts to protect the atmosphere that shields our planet and to ensure that our air is clean and refreshing. We cherish all the creatures of water. And much confusion about what that really means for a Witch. For instance, the Vatican confiscated thousands of magic books over the centuries. How do people and the planet benefit from Witches being public? Here are the questions covered and an MP3 recording of the interview: I've book marked it and will definitely be back. We support efforts to remediate damage, to conserve natural resources, to preserve ecosystems and biodiversity, and to maintain wilderness areas. Social Justice Blog Representing Witches and Wiccans since As is consistent with the values and beliefs of our religion, the Covenant affirms our belief in the spiritual and social wisdom of peace in the world. The power to heal yourself on every level The power to live a fulfilling and glorious life The power to heal the world The power to experience, and liberate, the Divine Within This is Wicca as a deep spiritual practice! Its nice to finally find such a good website for a beginner. But I sensed that at its heart, Wicca is spirituality. Vision and Mission Statements The Covenant of the Goddess envisions a world where all living beings are honored and cherished as manifestations of the Sacred. Covenant of the Goddess is supportive of stable family environments between spouses who are becoming family and views same gender marriages as a civil right. Covenant of the Goddess support of Gay and Lesbian Marriage Covenant of the Goddess has, since its inception in , had clergy willing to celebrate the religious if not the legal joining of two members of the same gender. That's the reason I'm offering this website. South Africa I just wanted to congratulate you on a magnificent site. Lady Passion was interviewed by Tara Miller on Aug. Versions of old Craft "laws" posted online also urge Pagans to deny their identity. I was guided to uncover how these potentials could be activated within Wicca Spirituality. See more links on plice militarization at Making Progress: I like your explanations and approaches to many of the questions that are fundamental to all form of religion and spirituality. The Covenant has formed a committee for Social Justice to explore actions that will lead to equity and justice in the Covenant and beyond. So how does Craft secrecy encourage some writers and detractors to label Wicca modern, a neo-Pagan invention of the s? I have read and accept the privacy policy. Come on in, explore, and discover the Earth in a whole new way.

Wiccan website

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  1. While we respect the right of the individual clergy within COG who may choose not to perform such a ceremony, we are in support of marriage between two committed adults of any gender, and a majority of our celebrants are willing to perform such ceremonies. I like your explanations and approaches to many of the questions that are fundamental to all form of religion and spirituality.

  2. Statement on Standing Rock Covenant of the Goddess, one of the oldest American Wiccan and Witchcraft organizations, has at its very roots, the spiritual assumption that all of nature is sacred, from humanity to the waters of life. Thank you for all the hard work you put into this.

  3. See more links on plice militarization at Making Progress: We honor the powers of Air and we rejoice in breathing fresh air and in all the creatures of air.

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