Woman with hairy arms

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It makes me feel strong or kind of badass. But even though I have problems with body and facial hair and picking at myself and hurting my skin and being really embarrassed about leg hair, for example, I've never in my life thought having hair on my arms was bad or unfeminine. Mine are hairy, too; combined with the fact that they're also kind of long and I enjoy waving them about when excited, my partner says I have Muppet arms

Woman with hairy arms

Well, it's been my experience that they comment on everything: Her hairy arms opened a world of possibility for me; even if I never wanted to become a model, at least I knew now that it was possible. I mean what if he had grabbed the hair on your head and pulled? Just taking it out of my daily routine for a week or so was enough to make me stop feeling so self-conscious about it. Your arms are beautiful. I didn't care about it until my mom started pointing it out when I hit puberty, and I've been self-conscious ever since. Did someone seriously grab the hair on your arms and start pulling it? Seriously, who the fuck does that? Then one day when I was around 10 or 11, a boy a few years younger than me offered a helpful suggestion: If having hairless arms makes you happy about yourself, then wax them, because stubble is the worst. It makes a difference, to my own peace of mind. I used to bleach, now i wax. It's going to be a lot of girls like that, sweetie. I cannot think of what the arm hair of any of my friends, acquaintances, or enemies looks like. However, she also promotes 'natural beauty' with photographs of her hairy legs and armpits in the hope it will inspire others. The [only] upside of that habit is making a mindful note of every cool, beautiful, confident chick ALSO rocking ridiculous arm hair and starting to feel some solidarity. I stood there for a moment digesting my shame, which miraculously turned into assertiveness when I told him off for making a rude comment about someone else's appearance. Unless maybe there was enough to braid or something. Thick arm hair on a woman is not something civilized people piss their pants over. As I walk through life, I meet more and more women whose very existence reveals a new possibility for my life that I never knew existed. The thing from the trainer sounds totally bizarre. There's just so damn much. It was inappropriate because it was none of my business. Later that year I met Erica, who showed me that I had skills that people would pay for. Just by being themselves and living out loud, these women gave me permission to be, grow, dream, and expand my conception of what it means to be a woman. I have shaved them for 12 years, ever since a guy in middle school called me teen wolf.

Woman with hairy arms

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  1. Well, it's been my experience that they comment on everything: I'm also hairy thanks, Eastern European ancestry!

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