Yellowstone volcano documentary

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Microorganisms convert gas into acid that dissolves nearby rock into clay. But approximately 75, years ago in Indonesia, an eruption of similar scale occurred, and the supervolcano responsible remains active. Mudpot — An acidic hot spring with a limited supply of water and large amount of hydrogen sulfide gas. The Henry's Fork Caldera 1.

Yellowstone volcano documentary

Getty Images The key factor may be that most of the ash from Toba is believed to have fallen in the ocean, where it would have had only minimal effects on land-dwelling species like humans. Geological Survey, Yellowstone National Park, and University of Utah to strengthen the long-term monitoring of volcanic and earthquake unrest in the Yellowstone National Park region. Instead, volcanologists say that another type of volcanic event may pose a much greater threat to our existence. But the difficult question is not if, but when, and just how big an event this would be. However, while the impact on the Neanderthals was surely significant, many scientists now believe it is unlikely that this single event was cataclysmic enough to wipe them out. Steam vent — A vent from which volcanic gas escapes into the atmosphere. In south-west Colorado, there is a vast canyon approximately km wide and one kilometre deep. There is only one certainty about these eruptions: Volcanism at Yellowstone Yellowstone sits on top of four overlapping calderas. The Henry's Fork Caldera 1. This would have destroyed vegetation and created a vast desert. The Yellowstone Volcano Observatory issued a statement on its website stating, Although fascinating, the new findings do not imply increased geologic hazards at Yellowstone, and certainly do not increase the chances of a 'supereruption' in the near future. Mudpot — An acidic hot spring with a limited supply of water and large amount of hydrogen sulfide gas. Only 11 have taken place in the past million years, each shaping vast mountain ranges, plateaus or volcanic formations. Recurrence intervals of these events are neither regular nor predictable. If a lot of sulphur dioxide was released, this could precipitate monsoons and climate shifts, which could affect global food security. NASA proposed introducing water at high pressure 10 kilometers underground. Occasionally, numerous earthquakes are detected in a relatively short period of time, an event known as an earthquake swarm. There is a large peak of sulphate, which seems to correspond to the timeframe of Toba. In line with this, a study published in May found evidence that the supervolcano has been building towards an eruption for decades. They are known as flood lavas, and are caused by rising plumes of hot material from deep inside the Earth. The ground will suddenly be much brighter than before, so a lot of the incoming solar radiation might simply be reflected back into the atmosphere, resulting in a lengthy drought. Smaller steam explosions occur as well: Over the past million years , all of the five largest mass extinctions in the fossil record have coincided with huge lava eruptions. La Garita Caldera was formed by an eruption nearly 28 million years ago, which expelled 5, cubic kilometres of molten rock. While the Yellowstone hotspot is now under the Yellowstone Plateau , it did help to create the eastern Snake River Plain to the west of Yellowstone through a series of huge volcanic eruptions. Fears are growing that magma deep inside Campi Flegrei could be reaching the "critical degassing pressure", where a sudden large-scale release of volcanic gases could abruptly inject heat into surrounding hydrothermal fluids and rocks.

Yellowstone volcano documentary

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  1. Hydrothermal explosion Studies and analysis may indicate that the greater hazard comes from hydrothermal activity which occurs independently of volcanic activity.

  2. The circulating water would release heat at the surface, possibly in a way that could be used as a power source.

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